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Our Goal is Simple:

We want to make your outsides match your insides.

LAT is a boutique communications and graphic design firm specializing in helping organizations develop branding tools and strategies to engage their customers and watch their businesses grow.

What We Are:

Established in 2010, LAT Creative is an award-winning communications and graphic design firm. Our clients range in size and industry – from regional banks, to the Florida Senate, from non-profits to state associations. This experience has allowed us the opportunity to develop a variety of creative campaigns and a robust body of work. It has also reaffirmed what we’ve known to be true: while meeting deadlines and making budgets are important, what matters most is helping clients connect with their audience tell their story in ways that resonate. Our clients are unique and so are our strategies. From creating identities for organizations starting out to developing brochures for those looking to expand to working side-by-side with in-house creatives to provide art direction, we enjoy developing custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

What We Are Not:

LAT CREATIVE IS NOT A LARGE AGENCY.  To us, you will never be a number, you will never get lost in the shuffle or take a back-seat to a higher paying client. As a small studio, we purposefully limit our workload to allow us to take on meaningful projects that require a more personal touch. If it sounds like we like to get in the weeds, you aren’t far off. We go out of our way to understand our clients’ “why’s” before we design and then work with them every step of the way to develop a campaign connect with consumers and inspire action.

YOUR SUCCESS MATTERS MORE TO US THAN YOUR EGO.  Our experience informs our opinions so you will not find a “yes” man (or woman for that matter) when you join us at the table. Instead, you can expect us to provide you with work that is thoughtful, researched, creative and takes your brand to the next level. To us you are not a paycheck. Your success matters.

WE DON’T BELIEVE ONE SIZE FITS ALL. While it would be easy to hand someone a package and call it a day, we aren’t built that way. Just as brands are unique, so are their audiences and they deserve creative that not only conveys your organization’s message, but also your personality. 

WE WON’T TELL YOU WE CAN DO SOMETHING IF WE CAN’T. Our client relationships are built on trust. While are skills set us apart, honesty and authenticity are the foundation of our business. We will always tell it to you straight and it’s important that our clients feel they can do the same.

At LAT Creative, the vast majority of our clients are repeat customers who have allowed us the privilege of being their agency of record for several years.

Having the opportunity to serve them over the long-haul has resulted in not only a deeper knowledge of their organization, industry and audience, but it’s also produced greater collaboration between our teams, more engaging campaigns and even more successful results.

If I had to put my finger on why we share this dynamic, I’d point to the fact that we all feel like we’re playing for the same team. When we show up, we’re not there to represent our studio. Instead, we think of ourselves as co-workers and our only focus is to advance their mission down the field until the goal is reached.

Partner with Us.

Our goal is to work with clients that value longterm, meaningful relationships and are dedicated to developing a unique branded experience. If you have a project you would like us to consider, please take this opportunity to tell us more about it.